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Yes (if this is actually supercell and not some pos yall haired to lie to us). Then explain to your players why on royale your help and support cant answer the questions.

All the answers are word for word identical. Then when i disprove the lie yal obviously wrote for all of them to post they erase the message. Ive asked for the truth and after almost a year still dont have it. You say battles are based on trophies, then its random, then its similar decks, all those are absolute lies.

I have repeatedly disproven all of them. I am sick of your lies. I will not read your terms and conditions of a pissed customer. Since obviously all yall want is money and not to put out a quality product.

I will tell u i am happy with clash but royale is a sick joke.

U should fire your entire staff including yourself. Have a nice life knowing that u are a complete lier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Supercell Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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