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Other one leader

Supercell please help me.By mistake I have made some one else leader of my clan rock ( tag number #j8gvrp9p ) level 5 .

And that boy has kicked out me and my friend form clan. Can you please make me leader please. My name is Thunder storm tag no #poq2qojjp .

Please.Request make me leader again please supercell.


Transfer my account to ios

My Q: what happen to my account...I already linky my account to ios.

. Suddenly my IPOd is broken..; and i buy again ipod. After i put my old account ..said that this account is already use.

But in android i can open but to ios this account is already use..How can i transfer again to ios my account help please..


I accidentally spent my gems and gold.

I accidentally spent my gems and gold for messing around with buying another princess card.....can u guys please help me get my gems and gold back....PLEASEPLEASE I was saving my 60000 gold to buy the electro wizard from The Shop..


my new ID is not show

Date28 is


Some one else has used my 1250 gems can I get them back


My account is banned pls unban it


Hlo supercell company plz my account is banned


My account is


Lost base

I lost my base I found it and need it back here's the information about it Name: joey hermreck Lvl: 41 Tag: 8U28P9ROY I'm not sure about the lvl but I believe its 41 or 43


Lost my COC Acount


Lost my village


I'm not getting more tropies

When someone attcking me the taking 32 tropies.....while I'm searching I didn't get more tropies bases .....all player come th 10 11 only....hw I will atck


how i can change my username 3rd time plss accept my request my username name is A.A.Riyas 143


I can change my village name

Hello superceel I can change my village name my new name is ¥❤ Devil❤¥ Please accept my request Thanks superceel MY email address is


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