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Changing of name

I am on th 8 .So we get chance to change the name on th5 then th8 and then on th 10.So I want to change my name and I have not changed my name on th5 so I am on th8 now so can I change the twice because I didn't used my changing of name option on th5 .So can I change the name twice .Please tell me .



How do I get you to stop charging me!!!


More games

Can you make more games because I only have clash of clan and clash Royale can you make a shooter game or just more games pls


Clash royale fixes

I do like the update overall though I wish u would tell us everything u actually did because I can notice tiny tweeks and I don't know if it is just me or things you actually changed.Second there are a couple cards you nerfed that don't need a huge buff but I'd appreciate if you'd give them a little something back so that they can function fair to the cost of the card.

Can electro wizard have its 6% health back please that would be perfect for 4 elixir. Also could Skelton army have 1 or 2 more skeletons especially since it's so easy now to zap them all. Then could the night witch spawn bats a tiny bit faster, I don't play with her anymore because it's just insane how long it takes her to spawn them especially since they're just skeletons in the sky. Also I really like the new cards a lot though the Zappies mechanic about when they zap and how long it takes confuses me a lot.

Also I really do like this game or I wouldn't write this but can u please offer more other game modes more frequently please. It's great that now u can play 2v2 whenever u want but I'd also like to see other game modes brought in more often to break up the monotony of the main game. You don't even really have to invent more modes (ike I know u are) just let us play touchdown and draft and sudden death stuff more often.

That would be really great and give us a range of things to do everytime we log on.Best of luck


Other one leader

Supercell please help me.By mistake I have made some one else leader of my clan rock ( tag number #j8gvrp9p ) level 5 .

And that boy has kicked out me and my friend form clan. Can you please make me leader please. My name is Thunder storm tag no #poq2qojjp .

Please.Request make me leader again please supercell.


Transfer my account to ios

My Q: what happen to my account...I already linky my account to ios.

. Suddenly my IPOd is broken..; and i buy again ipod. After i put my old account ..said that this account is already use.

But in android i can open but to ios this account is already use..How can i transfer again to ios my account help please..


I accidentally spent my gems and gold.

I accidentally spent my gems and gold for messing around with buying another princess card.....can u guys please help me get my gems and gold back....PLEASEPLEASE I was saving my 60000 gold to buy the electro wizard from The Shop..


my new ID is not show

Date28 is


Some one else has used my 1250 gems can I get them back


My account is banned pls unban it


Hlo supercell company plz my account is banned


My account is


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