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After much gameplay manipulation by SuperSuck, multiple temporary bans due to the laguage i use out of frustration from their refusal to fix the AI's i have filed a lawsuit against them. I am a 37 grown man woth more then $10k invested into the game.

They have NO LEGAL RIGHT to take away or penalize me when i have real money on the line. *** SuperSuck. Im coming for them and im going to get everyone thats been screwed by them justice. Now that they have pissed me off i am going to ruin their name.

As soon as the lawsuit is processed i am legaly allowed to post it and post it i will. I will find every god damn place i can to post and i will post links into those links so the negative comments and reviews and the lawsuit will become atronger and atronger so that when you type in SuperCell or Clash ot Clans the only thing you will see that forst comes up will be the lawsuit and negative reviews. *** you SuperSuck. You think you can bully me around you worthless waste of lifes? got hacked and your financial records are now out for the whole world to see. I know what you have and how much you make. Im going to make sure youre going to pay your attorneys a *** load of money to defend you. I will do everything within my power to drain your resources and energy.

Simce you have so much money at your disposal ill be sure to find new ways to drain your assets and find new ways to cause you to lose business through reviews and online posts. Dont worry...ill stay within the confines of the law by telling the truth but believe me i will post EVERYWHERE and make links in each post to other links and posts i make. So every time someone opens up the gets another hit. It will be a cascading nightmare.

Its 100% legal. I had some *** do that to my company and it backrupted me. Its easily doable for people like you. Im going to make sure i make you spend the maximum amount of money possibke whike being the biggest thorn in your side imaginable.

I hate you and im going to take my hate out on you. When im through with you, youll wish to god and all things sacred that you just refunded my $10k and walked away. Im going to cause you more headache then you have any idea about. You will hate me and i will relish every hate filled emotion you go through.

Paybacks a *** and you should have never bullied me SuperSuck cause now youre going to pay in more ways then one. All i wanted was my money back because you did not deliver the sevices to which i was buying with real money. You did not hold up your end of the deal. You have been informed more then enough throughout the last 5+ years.

From snapshots to videos and you ignored me.

Well *** you. See your *** in court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Supercell Clash Of Clans Video Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Nov 27, 2017.
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Im 100% behind yoj. I recently had my account banned for trying to get my old account thats been inactive for years back. **** Supercell


Im behind you 100% i recently got banned for no other reason than trying to obtain and old account thats been inactive for years. People spend money on this game and should be able to recieve no punishment


how do i join


Any progress with the law suit?

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